Healthcare AR Management-Extended Business Office

Healthcare Debt Recovery Services

CRC respects and understands the relationship between the provider, patient, and insurance company. This is the reason we work hard to maintain the structure of your internal operations and processes in order to provide a seamless transition from your office to ours.

The healthcare industry is constantly changing and we know this can create many hurdles for your practice and its Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) process. Some of these include higher patient balances from ever-rising deductibles, insurance denials due to coding and billing errors, patient disputes, and more.

We know that among their many other tasks, front office staff face the constant challenges that come with verifying patient health benefits, determining up front patient costs, managing denials, and following up on insurance claims not paid timely. We realize it can be overwhelming to handle it all while trying to provide the highest level of patient care and we at CRC believe we have the solution that you are looking for.

Our debt recovery services help you with a wide array of billing options and collections on medical bills. This includes denials and appeals processing, insurance follow-up, 5010 and 837/835 handling, and 24/7 account status availability.

As an extension of your business office, CRC works to understand your existing internal procedure and mimic it. This helps us provide a streamlined process from your office to ours. We offer customized patient portals, payment reconciliation, and specialized reports. At the beginning of our partnership, we take the time to learn about your practice and preferences for handling patient accounts. This includes the life cycle of your accounts, the respected insurance and patient relationships, and the payments and adjustment processes.

You Will See Results

In addition to debt recovery services, we are proud to offer wide-ranging and flexible Extended Business Office services. This includes insurance claim billing, payment monitoring, insurance claim follow-up, pre-collection series of letters, and an aggressive recovery method (collections under CRC) when needed, and much more. The Extended Business Office product is a customizable solution for debt recovery, providing a one-stop-shop model that meets the needs of managing the AR for your service and/or product and mimicking your current financial services policies.

This has helped us earn a 20% recovery rate over industry standards. Our low employee turnover rate means you will have a dedicated, certified financial counselor to help coordinate your financial systems. Our team members are HIPAA, FDCPA, CPAR certified. They will monitor your accounts to ensure revenue goals are being matched.


Some of our Extended Business Office Solutions:

  • AR Receivables Management-Primary and Secondary
  • Early Out-Pre Collections
  • IVR and online Payment Processing
  • Third Party Billing Solutions
  • Self-Pay AR Management
  • Letter/Statement Service
  • Bad Business Debt Collection
  • Occupational Medicine AR Management
  • Urgent Care Specialist AR Management
  • Call Center
  • Specialist Financial Counselors-CPAR certified

Our Approach to Medical Debt Collections

As an extension of your business office, you can trust that we share your vision for excellence in customer service, while also achieving optimum recovery on any type of account.

We are a certified, compassionate and professional medical debt collections company and our clients appreciate our approach to partnership. These shared components comprise the core of our mission, and set the tone for our relationship with you, your partners, and your customers.

When utilizing an experienced and proven medical debt collections company, such as CRC, your organization will realize a lower cost to collect, gain efficiencies in your overall business office operations, and increase bottom-line revenue.

Our 30 plus years of experience and tenured management team provide the expertise to produce recoveries, as well as analysis and recommendations that include applied technologies, front-end modifications, and clear opportunity for advanced levels of revenue cycle recoveries.

Our Expertise with Collections on Medical Bills

For over 30 years, we have been debt collectors for medical bills. Our devoted, certified, debt counselors can help with insurance denials, coding errors, higher patient balances, HIPAA changes, and much more. We work with your existing team to provide a large array of billing options and services for collections on medical bills.


Their website is easy to manage on a day to day basis so there is no need to call anyone when someone makes a payment. On top of that any invoices that come in do so by email, so all I have to do is print out to the accountants printer. So far I am in love with this company and I am not looking to change anytime soon, and I appreciate all that they do.

Meg Baggarly

See What It’s Like to Work with Us

To learn more about what it’s like to have CRC on your team, please contact us today. We can discuss your practice’s unique struggles and goals, answer all your questions, and provide next steps for working with us. We look forward to hearing from you!